Season’s Grievings. 2017. $20 + $3 S&H.


BODY OF WATER. 2016. $20 + $3 S&H.


70,000 Veils. 2016. $10 + $3 S&H. (Out of print.)

he won’t dance with me. 2013. $10 + $3 S&H.

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journal publications

Juked. “Solitude Blues.” August/September 2016.

The Seattle Review of Books. “Breaking Up is a Honeycomb Harvested from the Buzzing Hive of the Heart.” June 2016.

fog machine. three poems. March 2016.

Juked  “singing to the band.”  January 2016.

Penny Ante Feud, Issue 15. “Missed Opportunities”

Papercuts Magazine, Volume 13. “Dear Istanbul,” and “Beirut”

S/tick,  Issue 2.3. “Sex/Love/Death Haiku” and “a warning.”

Melusine. “Red Water”




Jack Straw SoundPages podcast. Jourdan Imani Keith. January 2017.

The Seattle Times. July 2016.

Harry Bohm Photography. January 2016.

Writing It Real. Sheila Bender. December 2015.

The Naked Songwriter. DK Brainard. November 2015.

Burlesque and Bequest: Rewriting the Inheritance of Women. Cat Cuevas. 2014.

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  1. Sorry I stiffed you at the mayor’s award event. I was too moved and excited by your poem and accident of being my neighbor, I simply forgot.
    May I buy you a coffee sometime?
    With humble gratitude , Betty Jean

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